08/26/2016Exotic snakes are popular, and legal, in Texas | KHOU 11

"Exotic pet stores are required to record the names and addresses of every buyer who purchases a snake covered by the state regulations, but they aren’t required to submit those records to the state. Individual pet stores maintain the records in the event state regulators ask to see them."

05/19/2016 Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council Responds to Arizona Law Re: Sale of Commercially Bred Dogs and Cats

"WASHINGTON, DC – In a statement issued today, PIJAC President and CEO Mike Bober responded to a new Arizona law implementing consistent statewide standards in regards to the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores."

PIJAC Recommends an Immediate Temporary Moratorium on the Importation of Firebelly and Paddletail Newts | PIJAC

"U.S. – The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is recommending that all exporters, shippers, importers and buyers of Cynops orientalis (Firebelly) and Pachytriton labiatus (Paddletail) newts immediately establish a voluntary moratorium on importing them into the United States."

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