Zoonotic Disease Prevention

PIJAC is instrumental in protecting the health and safety of pets and pet owners. We proactively address these issues by developing Best Management Practices for animal care. In addition, PIJAC works collaboratively with governmental and non-governmental committees on ways to prevent zoonotic diseases (the transfer of disease from animals to humans) and health alerts when an outbreak does occur.

Pet Industry Health Alerts

PIJAC has partnered with governmental agencies to alert the pet industry in the unlikely event of a zoonotic disease outbreak so they can address it quickly and appropriately.

Healthy Herp Handling Poster

A visually appealing presentation of the simple steps pet owners should follow to keep themselves healthy when handling their pets. The poster is perfect for schools who have reptiles or amphibians in the classroom, as well as retailers and pet owners.

Retailer Resources - Preventing Zoonotic Diseases

The PIJAC Zoonoses Committee has developed a variety of resources for the safe handling of animals in stores.

  • Aquarium and Tank Stickers
    Print these stickers and post them on reptile, amphibian and aquatic tanks to educate customers on healthy handling practices.
  • Zoonotic Disease Prevention Flyers
    Post these flyers in your backroom to ensure your employees are practicing healthy handling procedures and preventing the transmission of disease.

Best Management Practices

Partnering with experts in the field, PIJAC has developed Best Management Practices (BMP) for the pet industry.

Feeder Rodent BMP
The Feeder Rodent BMP are applicable to feeder rodent facilities, breeders, and distributors. The BMP deal with general husbandry matters (caging, buildings, sanitation, nutrition, disease prevention), transportation, euthanasia, and the critical issue of timely response to a zoonotic disease outbreak.