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"The Brownsville City Commission will meet tonight and is expected to vote on a final reading of an amended city ordinance that would make it mandatory for pet owners to microchip their dogs and cats." brownsvilleherald.com


"PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Frank Mineo, owner of "Puppies N' Love" in Phoenix, has filed an appeal with the Federal Court that challenges the ban on pet stores from selling animals they have bought from breeders." fox10phoenix.com


"In front of a packed house Tuesday, the Vista City Council postponed voting on a proposed ordinance to ban pet shops in the city from selling commercially bred animals." - SanDiegoTribune.com


"Puppy-mill breeders, beware — Tempe is the latest Arizona city to consider a ban on the commercial sale of dogs and cats in pet stores." - from phoenixnewtimes.com


"A federal judge this week ruled Phoenix can prevent pet stores from selling animals raised in so-called “puppy mills.” The lawsuit was over a Phoenix ordinance approved in 2013 and appears to affect one store in the city." - from kjzz.org


"JACKSONVILLE (KATV) - In 2007 the city of Jacksonville voted to ban pit bulls. Aldermen at the time had no idea that one day their unanimous decision would one day impact a three year-old girl living in Minneapolis." - from katv.com