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"DEADWOOD | After more than a month of legal wrangling, the City Commission this week gave final approval to a new ordinance that prohibits wild, dangerous and exotic animals from being kept as pets within city limits." - from rapidcityjournal.com


"LAS VEGAS, NV – Good pet grooming begins with good training and a relationship based on trust. During today’s morning session of the World Pet Association’s Groomer Supershow, the members of the Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) announced the results of a year-long initiative to review and establish a set of best practices regarding safety and sanitation that will serve as a foundational building block for industry grooming standards." - from goodnewsforpets.com


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Maine Legislature has closed the books on a lengthy and combative session during which lawmakers' bitter political clashes with Republican Gov. Paul LePage often overshadowed legislating and policy debates. - from wgme.com


"Florida’s current bird protection law, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, states that it is unlawful to capture, kill, or sell any migratory bird or their eggs in the United States. It is limited, however, to migratory birds that are “native to the United States or its territories.” Most parrots in South Florida, including the blue-and-gold macaws found in Coral Gables, are not native to the U.S.; therefore, they are not protected in Florida." - from miaimherald.com


"INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's statewide ban on bird shows imposed in response to a deadly avian flu was relaxed Friday after officials tweaked the emergency rule to allow owners of parrots, canaries and other non-poultry birds to resume showing and selling those animals at flea markets and other settings." - from mysanantonio.com


"WILMINGTON – With all members present voting in favor, the Wilmington City Council stripped specific language regarding pit bull breeds from the city's dog law." - from ux.delawareonline.com


"SANTEE, Calif. - Members of The Puppy Mill Project have won restrictive laws regarding pet stores in Oceanside, Encinitas, San Marcos, and San Diego; they’re now focusing on Santee." - from 10news.com