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Washington, DC – PIJAC (The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) is pleased to announce the election of two new Board Members, Joe Watson of Petland, Inc. and John Mack of Reptiles by Mack. Watson and Mack were unanimously elected at the March 11th Board Meeting.


“Unfortunately, pet grooming, boarding, sitting and walking are easy targets for politicians looking for ways to increase their diminishing budgets. Taxing dog owners who only want to take care of their pets is totally unjustified,” says Ken Oh. “Attorneys and accountants aren’t subject to a service tax – why are pet services?”


When you entrust animals to reputable pet stores that care about their animals like an extended family, you ensure that there are regulations, veterinary care and consumer protections in place.


Pet sale ban promoters have convinced themselves that by ending retail pet sales in Tucson they can somehow have an effect on reducing the thousands of unwanted dogs and cats received in the metro region’s several dozen animal shelters annually.