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"The City of Las Vegas will soon consider a proposed ordinance to limit pet retailers and dealers to only selling, displaying and giving away dogs and cats from shelters and nonprofits, thus banning those from private breeders and so-called puppy mills." - from lasvegasweekly.com


"While admitting at times to some reservations regarding the document, Iredell County commissioners unanimously approved an amended version of the county’s Animal Control Ordinance." - from statesville.com


U.S. – The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) is recommending that all exporters, shippers, importers and buyers of Cynops orientalis (Firebelly) and Pachytriton labiatus (Paddletail) newts immediately establish a voluntary moratorium on importing them into the United States.  We further recommend that all non-retail businesses engaged in the salamander trade regularly sanitize their facilities as a prophylactic measure, as treatments are developed, out of an abundance of caution.


"Nov. 17--Following three hours of impassioned public comment today by more than 75 animal owners, pet store operators, animal rights advocates and other community members, the Clark County Commission voted to tighten the county's animal code, adding regulations on feral cat colonies, requirements for exotic animal ownership and definitions of different kinds of animals." - from bloomberg.com


"The state of Hawaii is gathering information from the scientific community and local stakeholders to create a comprehensive coral reef management plan, but officials said Monday they will not yet impose a requested moratorium on collecting aquarium fish." - from abcnews.go.com


"ANDERSON -- People who adopt pets from the Animal Protection League and Madison County Humane Society could be required by city ordinance to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered." - from styrk.com


"A picture of a huge English mastiff that recently flew first class out of LAX went viral and triggered a new debate over what really defines a service dog." - from nbclosangeles.com


"CHICAGO (CBS) — An attorney for small pet stores in Chicago was vowing to appeal a recent court ruling tossing out a challenge to the city’s puppy mill ordinance, and threatening a defamation lawsuit against advocacy groups he accused of lying to get their way." - from chicago.cbslocal.com