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"A full suite of bills related to aquarium fishing continues to move ahead at the capitol in Honolulu, and several are set to be heard today in the House Committee on Judiciary." - from HawaiiTribune-Herald.com


"CARLSBAD — Animal rights activists say they plan to protest in front of a Carlsbad pet store on Saturday as part of an effort to get the city to adopt a ban on the sale of commercially bred pets that some call “puppy mill” dogs." - from utsandiego.com


Scott Hardin—a biologist, expert on exotic and invasive species and proud owner of a ball python named Ricky (as in Lucy’s husband)—has the kind of insight that comes only with years of experience working at the intersection of science, environmental stewardship and public policy, balancing conservation of fish and wildlife with responsible pet ownership. 


"But the Republican from Glenville says it highlights the need for a statewide animal abuse registry that would keep a person convicted of felony animal abuse from ever owning a pet again. It would also require the abuser to undergo a psyciatric evaluation." - from wnyt.com


"KAILUA-KONA » A Hawaii County councilwoman has withdrawn two bills regulating the aquarium fish trade. Kohala Councilwoman Margaret Wille said she'd like to wait and see what happens at the state level, West Hawaii Today reported Thursday." - from StarAdvertiser.com


"CHICAGO (CN) - A ban on the sale of puppies from out-of-state breeders goes too far to regulate puppy mills, several businesses claim in Federal Court. Park Pet Shop, Pocket Puppies Boutique, and Missouri breeder Cedar Woods Farm filed the federal complaint Tuesday against Chicago, city clerk Susana Mendoza and director of animal control Sandra Alfred." - from courthousenews.com


"More than 50 testifiers and three experts on aquarium fish collection kept a Hawaii County Council committee busy into the evening Tuesday, as council members pondered two bills attempting to regulate sea life collectors and set standards for transporting fish." - from WestHawaiiToday.com


"A proposed bill in Hawaii has ignited renewed discussion about the impact of the state's largest aquarium fishery, which catches hundreds of thousands of gem-like saltwater fish each year for shipment to collectors around the world." - from pbs.org/newshour


"A bill that started out as a ban on the sale of aquatic life for aquariums advanced in a heavily altered form Thursday, and at least two other contentious measures appear to be dead after a trip to the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources &Hawaiian Affairs." - from HawaiiTribune-Herald.com