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"Provisions buried in catch-all agriculture legislation being considered by the General Assembly would weaken Ohio’s “puppy mill” law that took effect only 11 months ago, animal-advocacy groups say." - from


A recent editorial in the Sacramento Bee (“A Dangerous Dogs Act of 2015?” Nov. 8) called on the California State Assembly to propose a law to allow cities and counties to restrict specific dog breeds “up to and including outright bans.” People should absolutely be safe from harm and protected from violent animals. However, this is an issue that deserves to be addressed thoughtfully, rather than with knee-jerk legislation.


"The ban on amphibians and reptiles, such as having a classroom turtle, will affect programs with children under age 5, the agency said. The rules cite the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which says the animals carry the risk of salmonella." - from


"Following a wave of testimony supporting new regulations on aquarium collectors, a County Council committee Tuesday postponed action, saying more scientific information is needed before a bill is implemented." - from


"A perennial battle between aquarium fish collectors and conservationists will be played out in County Council chambers today, as a council committee takes up a measure regulating the transport of fish off-island." - from


From the moment I walked onto the show floor at Aquatic Experience on Saturday morning, I found myself surrounded by excited families with smiling children marveling at all of the exhibits. It’s no wonder considering it was a bustling hall featuring everything for the aquatics enthusiast.


"The Associated Dog Clubs of New York State and dozens of other canine and feline clubs brought the federal complaint in Washington last year upset over new regulations of online pet retailers enacted by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, APHIS, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture." - from


"New York's attorney general is offering advice to localities on drafting new laws governing pet stores and breeders. Municipalities were authorized this year to set more stringent requirements for protecting pets and buyers than the state has." - from


"... reversing pit bull bans, and the thinking behind them, is the biggest challenge given what the breed’s advocates say are unfair characterizations of the dogs as vicious killers." - from