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"MANAHAWKIN, N.J. (AP) — The slow and steady efforts of students at a New Jersey shore environmental science school to protect turtles are about to pay off. They’ve gotten state legislators to introduce a bill making it illegal to catch or take diamondback terrapins from the wild, and requiring the state to investigate ways to protect their population." - from


"Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a bill Monday to increase protections for pets across New York State. The bill prohibits the unnecessary piercing and tattooing of cats, dogs, and all other pets for purely cosmetic purposes for the pleasure of the owner, except under limited circumstances." - from


"Proposed changes to Wayne County’s regulations for commercial dog breeding will have to wait until January before taking the next step through county government." - from


"DUNEDIN — A proposed ban thought to be aimed at protecting city residents from an infestation of large constrictor snakes, like Burmese pythons and anacondas that have devastated animal populations across the Everglades, has riled critics across the nation." - from


"New York City residents can now voice their opinion on whether ferrets should be allowed as pets. The city's Board of Health on Tuesday voted to allow public comment on legalizing ferret ownership, but not before a few board members expressed reservations." - from


"SMITHVILLE, Texas -- After three pit bull attacks in four months, leaders of Smithville decided they needed to take action to protect citizens. The only problem is the new ordinance they passed requiring owners of pit bulls to take extra measures is against state law." - from