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"ALBANY – The fate of a bill to give a state-backed boost to groups that neuter feral cats is in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s hands. If signed into law, the measure would allow the state to offer grants to non-profits that capture, spay or neuter and vaccinate feral cats before returning them to the wild." - from pressconnects.com


"COLUMBUS – Bipartisan legislation upping the penalties for abusing companion animals passed in the Ohio House of Representatives almost unanimously June 25." - from thepostnewspapers.com


"A federal judge has rejected a pet shop owner's claim that the city stomped on her "American dream" by banning the sale of commercially-bred puppies and kittens." - from sun-sentinel.com


"Pet store owners and the Manhattan-based American Kennel Club contacted the board this week about the legislation, Hempstead Town Attorney Joseph Ra said at Tuesday's town board meeting." - from styrk.com


"SAN MARCOS — San Marcos officials have extended a ban on retail pet stores for 10 months, as it crafts more permanent regulations of the stores. The City Council voted 5-0 during a special meeting on June 12 to extend the urgency ordinance that was first adopted in April 2015 to April 2016." - from thecoastnews.com


"There could be a tax on advertising for broadcasting companies, home or vehicle repairs and health care for your pets, if the NC Senate's budget proposal is signed into law. Dr. Mark Hayes at 10th Street Veterinary Hospital in Greenville says that service tax could mean less pets getting the care they need." - from witn.com


Communication tools such as FirstLook serve to inform and engage pet professionals, pet hobbyists, and pet businesses on what is being said within, and about, the pet industry. But how effective is FirstLook? Does it generate genuine member-engagement and interest on important issues and trends with 'clicks' on articles?


"No legislative session would be complete without at least one flora or fauna bill such as naming a state reptile or flea or creeping vine. In that vein, we bring you the Pet Care Instruction bill proposed by Democratic Sen. Tony Avella, who is something of an animal rights champion." - from blog.timesunion.com


"COLUMBIA - Columbia City Council will discuss dog kennels in city limits at its meeting Monday night. Stuart Cunningham and Rihanna Hawk want the council to get rid of a two-acre minimum to open a doggy daycare in city limits." - from komu.com