08/11/2015 UPDATE: NJ SB 2625 was heard by the New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee on August 10th. The Committee approved the measure by a 3-0-2 vote and it has now been referred to Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee for further consideration.


07/27/2015 UPDATE: A Conference Committee has been organized to review the last minute changes to North Carolina’s Budget Bill (HB 97)—including the substitute language which would impose a new 4.75% sales tax on pet care services in the state, a cost passed on to the consumer. There is no time to lose; the General Assembly is tentatively set to adjourn on August 2nd and a decision could be made at any time. Before these elected officials make their decision, let them know the substitute language will add an unfair tax hurting local businesses.


07/17/2015 UPDATE: Maine H.P. 759 (LD 1099) was recommitted to the Joint Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee and held over for further action until 2016 as the 2015 session of the Maine Legislature adjourned on July 16th.
PIJAC will continue to monitor this bill when the Maine Legislature reconvenes in January 2016.

Having the state of Maine conduct tick research may be a worthy cause but it should not be the responsibility of pet store, who will be disproportionately affected, to fund the effort. Legislative Document 1099 seeks to raise far more money than is needed for the effort, and opponents have already identified several other revenue sources for the state. Further, many of the projected uses of the revenue have nothing to do with, and offer no benefit to, the pet trade.


It is essential that those in the pet trade across the city, the state of New York, and even the country express their opinion of these laws to the New York City Council. It is especially important that veterinarians that oppose the mandatory spaying or neutering of such young animals and the breeders and dealers whose reputations are being unfairly attacked make their voices heard


Let's make certain the members of the Rhode Island Senate understand how beneficial it will be for taxpayers, animal welfare, and local businesses in Rhode Island to exempt pet care services from the Rhode Island sales tax. We need all supporters living in Rhode Island to contact their state senator and ask them to support RI SB 217. The bill will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday, April 7th at 2:30 p.m. in Room 211 of the State House


The Hawaii County Council will debate these bills and may vote on Bill 318 next Tuesday, the 17th of February.  Either of these bills could devastate the aquarium trade in Hawaii County.  Bill 024 would make it prohibitively expensive to fish in Hawaii County, while Bill 318 would massively increase the costs and fish mortality associated with shipping.  


03/30/2015 Update: Gov. McAuliffe signed SB 1001 into law on March 27, 2015. Your help mattered. Thanks to your efforts contacting the members of the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee of the Virginia Senate substantive changes were made to this piece of legislation.


NMFS is now requesting public comment to help them understand and analyze the impacts of various activities, as well as the "efficacy" of ongoing conservation activities (e.g., CITES or other government regulatory regimes or non-governmental programs).