A pet sale ban in Hollywood, Florida hurts animal welfare and would also curtail consumers’ ability to find the right pet for their lifestyle and would close Puppy Palace—the town’s well-regulated, family-owned boutique pet store that has served area residents and contributed tax revenue.


The regulation of Ohio’s pet stores requires a statewide effort and this amendment provides for the statewide regulation of pet stores in lieu of disparate local laws regulating the sale of pets. Supporting this amendment to OH HB 166 ensures puppies provided by Ohio’s pet stores are sourced from responsible breeders and would prevent any future local pet sale ban ordinances from being considered.


A pet sale ban in Davie hurts animal welfare and would also curtail consumers’ ability to find the right pet for their lifestyle and could close pet stores in Davie that serve area residents and contribute significant tax revenue. In fact, a pet store in Deerfield Beach is closing its doors after the Deerfield Beach City Council recently passed such a banDon’t let Davie be next.


04/25/2016 UPDATE: We need your help now to drum up support for an important amendment to SB228 from Sen. Clark Chapin. This amendment would remove Section 1 from the bill relating to non-economic damages and the State Senators listed below need to hear from you.


04/14/2016 UPDATE: Both the House and the Senate accepted the unfavorable report of the Joint Appropriations & Financial Affairs Committee meaning H.P. 759 is dead for this legislative session. H.P. 759 carried over from 2015 to the 2016 session and on April 12th was referred to the Joint Committee on Appropriations & Financial Affairs for further consideration. As the Maine Legislature is tentatively set to adjourn its 2015-16 legislative session on April 20th, this bill could be acted on at any time. Before these elected officials make their decision, let them know that you oppose this tax!


Supporting this bill ensures puppies that are provided by Arizona’s pet stores are sourced from responsible breeders. That’s why it’s important for you and other supporters of pet choice, animal welfare and local businesses to tell members of the Arizona House and Senate that they need to support the passage of AZ SB 1248. We want to ensure responsible legislation is enacted to help prevent the sale of puppies coming from substandard breeders in Arizona.


UPDATE:  SB 217 was carried over to the 2016 session as the 2015 session adjourned on 6/25/15.  Let's make certain the members of the Rhode Island Senate understand how beneficial it will be for taxpayers, animal welfare, and local businesses in Rhode Island to exempt pet care services from the Rhode Island sales tax. We need all supporters living in Rhode Island to contact their state senator and ask them to support RI SB 217. The bill will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday, April 7th at 2:30 p.m. in Room 211 of the State House