07/17/2015 UPDATE: Maine H.P. 759 (LD 1099) was recommitted to the Joint Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee and held over for further action until 2016 as the 2015 session of the Maine Legislature adjourned on July 16th. PIJAC will continue to monitor this bill when the Maine Legislature reconvenes in January 2016. Having the state of Maine conduct tick research may be a worthy cause but it should not be the responsibility of pet store, who will be disproportionately affected, to fund the effort. Legislative Document 1099 seeks to raise far more money than is needed for the effort, and opponents have already identified several other revenue sources for the state. Further, many of the projected uses of the revenue have nothing to do with, and offer no benefit to, the pet trade.


UPDATE:  SB 217 was carried over to the 2016 session as the 2015 session adjourned on 6/25/15.  Let's make certain the members of the Rhode Island Senate understand how beneficial it will be for taxpayers, animal welfare, and local businesses in Rhode Island to exempt pet care services from the Rhode Island sales tax. We need all supporters living in Rhode Island to contact their state senator and ask them to support RI SB 217. The bill will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday, April 7th at 2:30 p.m. in Room 211 of the State House


UPDATE:  HB 873 failed a crossover deadline on 3/12/15 and will carry over to the 2016 session.  HI RESIDENTS, ACT NOW! An amended HB 873HD1 regulating the aquarium fishery will be heard by Committee on Judiciary on Friday at 3:00 p.m. in the State Capitol’s Conference Room 325.  Testimony must be received by the Committee by no later than 3:00 p.m. Thursday, February 26 Hawaii time.


UPDATE: This legislation failed a crossover deadline on 3/12/15 and will carry over to the 2016 session.  The House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee will debate and vote on these bills next Wednesday, the 11th of February.  Any of these bills could devastate the aquarium trade in Hawaii.  Two of them would immediately shut the entire industry down while the third would massively increase costs and fish mortality.


UPDATE: HB 511 failed a crossover deadline on 3/12/15 and will carry over to the 2016 session.  Use our Legislative Action Center messaging tool below to send a message to the members of the House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee.  We need to speak with a unified voice and overwhelming numbers to counter the emotionally charged propaganda pushed by the animal rights activists.  Take action before the 8 a.m. HST comment deadline on Tuesday, Feb. 10th--your voice and your opinions matter!


UPDATE:  A public hearing will be held on a revised ordinance on January 27, 2016.  Revised PetAlert will be forthcoming!  The Sarasota County Commissioners need to understand that a pet sale ban is NOT the solution Sarasota County residents want (or need) to solve the problem of the few bad, out-of-state breeders.