Animal Care

Some call them companions, some call them pets, and others simply call them pure joy. Whatever you call them, responsible pet ownership and standards of care are important to animal welfare. The following publications are a small part of how PIJAC promotes animal welfare to consumers and pet professionals.

Animal Care Sheets

PIJAC is pleased to offer the following free downloadable (PDF) animal care sheets.

These care sheets are intended to only offer basic care for the designated animal. Click on the specific title to open the care sheet for download.

Animal Care Guidelines for the Retail pet Industry

This booklet is packed with information to assist retailers in implementing best practices for animal care. Retailers can easily incorporate these guidelines into their own operating manuals or education materials. The booklet is also helpful in supplementing relevant Federal, state, or local laws and regulations which may apply.

Doing It Right: A Pet Store Employee’s Guide to Professional Success (and Fun)

Have a new employee? Doing It Right: A Pet Store Employee’s Guide to Professional Success [and Fun] is an essential resource to ensure team members are aware of the fundamental topics every pet professional should know. The book is put together in an easy to read, sometimes whimsical, format which will help make sure your employees are “Doing It Right”!

Chapters include:

  • Joining the Team
  • Pet Care
  • Educating the Consumer
  • Being a Role Model
  • Habitattitude